By Nazeli Grigoryan
Photos by Armen Simonyan
2019-11-07 14:39
Celebration of Sos Sargsyan's 90th Anniversary of Birth at the National Library
As part of the celebrations dedicated to Sos Sargsyan's 90th anniversaryof birth, the National Library of Armenia hosted an event.

“We have decided to present Sos Sargsyan as a writer. We see him as an actor, a master of cinema, a stage master, but as a writer he is a bit ignored, and we tried to present him as a writer,” - said Susanna Chichakyan, the information and public relations officer at the National Library.

The great master of theater and cinema is also the author of more than a dozen wonderful books. Books about him, his works and articles in magazines, and some photos from the library's archive are exhibited in the National Library’s small gallery.

Tatev Ghazaryan is very pleased to have participated in this event and is pleased that the National Library has also reflected on the 90th anniversary of Sos Sargsyan. For him, as for other actors, it is very important to be guided by the Master's values ​​and to continue the work he has left behind.

The actress emphasizes, “Our most important principle is to be honest, especially in our work. It is important to have taste, to create art and not to leave our roots.”

Director of the Hamazkayin Theater Arman Navasardyan is convinced that Sos Sargsyan is secretly living in all of us.

“For him, the most important were human values. Could not tolerate lies, deception. He was straightforward, straightforward, straightforward. He was a good person, a caring person, a caring person, like a parent,” - concluded Arman Navasardyan.

It should be reminded that the series of events dedicated to the 90th anniversary of the patriarch of Armenian theater, founder of Hamazkayin theater Sos Sargsyan were marked on October 24 with a jubilee staging at Hamazkayin Theater.