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2020-07-17 18:34
The presentation of “The Armenian Legionnaires: Sacrifice and Betrayal in World War I” book was held in a morning show on Armenia TV.

The book was translated and published by Mediamax with the support of Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation.


Director of Mediamax Ara Tadevosyan, historian Hrant Ter-Abrahamyan and Editor-in-Chief of Newmag Publishing House Gnel Nalbandyan attended the presentation. 


The book is promoted and sold by Newmag within the “Newmag and friends” project.

The book costs AMD 4800 and is already available in all the bookstores of Yerevan. It can be ordered online. Delivery in Yerevan and the regions is free; delivery to a foreign country is AMD 5000.

“The book presents an important but little-known aspect of Middle Eastern History in the World War I era. The Armenian legion was formed while the Ottoman Empire’s genocide of its Armenian population was still ongoing, and this tale of its deployment, actions, and dissolution brings together the later passages of the Great War in the Middle East, the aftermath of genocide, Armenian hopes for the postwar future, resurgent Turkish nationalism and cynical great power politics”, said Donald Bloxham, Richard Pares Professor of European History, University of Edinburgh.

Ara Tadevosyan stated that the idea to translate the book into Armenian and publish it was born in October 2018, when Mediamax was the only media to cover the presenation of the English edition of the book in Yerevan.

 “Various books on Armenology are published abroad, and the Armenian reader knows nothing about them. I think this gap should be closed by joint efforts,” said Mediamax Director.