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2020-08-07 09:22
The RA Ministry of Health denies the existence of a conflict of interest when concluding agreements with the MIBS company.

On her Facebook page, press secretary of the ministry Alina  Nikoghosyan noted in particular: " In this issue, we do not see a  real conflict of interest, since the Minister or his family members  are not members of this LLC, and also did not receive any other  property improvement thanks to the concluded agreements with the  ministry. This is an apparent clash of interests. These agreements  are not subsidies or donations to organizations, but are agreements  on the provision of medical services within the framework of the  state order, through which the RA citizens who are entitled to this  receive medical services. The procedure for placing a state order in  organizations that provide medical services is the same for all  organizations that provide such services. The minister or his  representative will present his arguments to the Commission for the  Prevention of Corruption, if necessary>.

To recall, the Commission for the Prevention of Corruption initiated  proceedings against Healthcare Minister Arsen Torosyan on the basis  of a clear conflict of interest.

The proceedings are based on the data of, according to  which the Ministry of Health signed agreements on the provision of  services with the MIBS Company, the director of which is Arsen  Torosyan's wife, Vardanush Tevanyan. According to the source, after  the appointment of Torosyan as Minister in May 2018, the Ministry of  Health signed 5 agreements with MIBS for a total of 124 million  drams.  Meanwhile, prior to his appointment to this position, two  agreements on the provision of services were concluded between the  Ministry and MIBS.

"MIBS" (Medical Institute named after Sergei Berezin, former Medical  Diagnostic Center of the International Institute of Biological  Systems - MDC MIBS), was established in 2003 with the attraction of  only private investment. The main activity is the creation of a  network of diagnostic centers in the Russian Federation and  neighboring countries to provide the population with high-tech  methods of diagnosis and treatment. Earlier, the Yerevan branch of  MIBS was headed by Arsen Torosyan.