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2020-08-09 17:23
The situation at Kulikam village of Samtskhe–Javakheti a densely Armenian populated region of Georgia where a 27 year old resident was killed in Akhalkalaki town, is calm. Village mayor Sergey Shirinyan said that at the moment there are no policemen in the village and the situation is calm.

"The incident happened in the evening, there was an argument and a fight, a shot was heard, and a 27-year-old man from our village died; another person is severely wounded and is in hospital," he said.
According to the village head, the police have called on the parties to calm down and not to continue the attacks, but there is no information about detainees yet.
The 27-year-old who died had been married for a few months and had no children.
The media reports that the situation in Akhalkalaki remains tense, and a large number of police officers are patrolling the streets to prevent possible new attacks by the relatives of the deceased.
As reported earlier, one person had died and another had been taken to hospital as a result of riots in Armenian-populated Akhalkalaki. Then the relatives of the deceased set fire to a hotel and four houses.
According to A. Toroyan, chief doctor of Akhalkalaki hospital, they had admitted a wounded man, and another person had died on the spot. Also, several cars were smashed near the hospital.