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2020-09-05 20:23
The introduction of a quarantine regime instead of an emergency also implies fines for non-compliance.

Deputy Minister of Justice Rafik Grigoryan stated  this from the rostrum of parliament during the discussion of the bill  on amendments and additions to the law "On ensuring the sanitary and  epidemiological safety of the population of the Republic of Armenia"  and related laws, which will allow the government to introduce a  quarantine regime in the country instead of the state of emergency.

In connection with the introduction of quarantine, as the Deputy  Minister noted, the institute of the emergency commandant will be  eliminated, but fines for those who violate this regime should exist,  and they should be adopted again. There will be no new fines or  changes in the amount of quarantine fines already introduced in case  of emergency. It is better to leave them the same.

"So, according to the bill, in case of violation of the isolation or  self-isolation regime, as well as in case of non-use of protective  equipment in the quarantine regime and infection by a person's  negligence, a fine of 300,000 to 500,000 drams is envisaged. Also,  such a violation can be punished with a fine in the form of arrest  for up to one month. Also, a person will be deprived of the right to  hold certain positions, and the right to engage in a certain type of  activity for up to two years.

If a person's health was seriously harmed, or several people were  infected at once due to non-compliance with quarantine rules, then  the fine can range from 500,000 AMD to 700,000 AMD, or arrest for a  period of one to three months can be applied. If, due to  non-compliance with the rules, an infected person dies, the offender  will face arrest for 2 to 4 years, as well as deprivation of the  right to hold certain positions or engage in a certain type of  activity for up to 3 years, "Grigoryan stressed.

The Deputy Minister specially noted that if quarantine is introduced,  the population will be able to exercise the right to protest actions,  but they can be carried out exclusively in masks.

In turn, in an interview with reporters, the head of the "My Step"  faction, Lilit Makunts, said that after the end of the state of  emergency, the requirement to wear a mask will remain in force. The  MP noted that there is now a decline in coronavirus infections in  Armenia, but if this restriction is abandoned, then the situation may  again get out of control.  "Since in our country the indicators have  not yet become so low as to remove all restrictions, we need laws  that will make it possible to control the situation. In particular,  the requirement to wear masks will remain mandatory>, Makunts  emphasized.