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2020-09-09 17:06
COVID-19 pandemic has made the digital transformation vitally important. Going online and shifting to online platforms have become a necessity, bringing over certain challenges for many businesses and individuals in Armenia.

In addition to USD30,000 aimed at alleviating the impact of COVID-19, which was allocated to Armenian Red Cross Society at the onset of the pandemic, HBSC Group has now provided funding of USD15,000 to Jinishian Memorial Foundation for the implementation of the project on “Improving Digital Literacy of People Impacted by COVID 19”. The project aims at building foundation for digital transformation processes through development and enhancement of necessary basic skills, knowledge and capabilities.

The main two project objectives are:

  • Improving digital literacy through a series of webinars
  • Development and implementation of digital transformation strategies 

The project targets individuals and enterprises affected by COVID-19, for whom the digital transformation is of strategic importance, but at the same time is quite challenging and requires time and resources for reskilling and upskilling. The project will include at least 50 participants selected on competitive basis, out of whom 25 participants will have the opportunity to partake in practical sessions to develop their digital transformation strategies under the guidance of coaches and consultants. Towards the end of the project, a minimum of 10 participants with successfully developed strategies and preparedness for business digitalization process, will receive ongoing support for the following two months via individual consultations and practical support provided twice per month or more often if necessary.

The project is designed and planned to ensure sustainability and broad expansion of its outcomes. The recordings of the webinars will be publically available on the project’s YouTube channel.