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2020-09-10 09:16
Today, Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan held discussions, during which the project of strategic development of the national postal operator Haypost (Armpost) for 2020-2025 was considered.

Minister of High-Tech Industry Hakob Arshakyan for the first time  mentioned the changes made to the work of "HayPost" over the past 5  months. Haypost's US office reopened and steps are being taken to  open an office in China. Pensions are already being paid  electronically, a hybrid postal service has been launched, and  international cooperation has intensified. By the end of the year, it  is planned to launch the Haypost electronic wallet. The "Haypost"  employee motivation program has been operating throughout Armenia  since July. In August, the average salary of about 1,300 employees of  the state-owned company increased by 25%.

Presenting the project of the company's strategic development for  2020-2025 General Director Hayk Karapetyan spoke about the current  situation and vision of development. According to him, the strategy  was developed on the basis of studying the best world practices in  conjunction with one of the consulting organizations. With the  reforms, HayPost is expected to become a national postal operator  with efficient management and a profitable business model. The  strategic goals of the company are to provide access to high-quality  postal services both in the country and abroad, balanced  infrastructure development, provision of high-quality postal and  additional services, and the introduction of new digital solutions.   Focusing on payments, logistics, e-commerce, financial, public  services, property management. The main projected indicators were  presented.

The Prime Minister noted that "Haypost" has a wide representation  throughout the territory of Armenia, which makes it possible to  consider the reforms not only from the point of view of improving  postal communications, but also from the point of view of network  development of adjacent infrastructures and the introduction of  corporate culture. Nikol Pashinyan instructed to introduce amendments  to the draft, clarify the scope of public services that Haypost can  provide and submit the draft for expert and public discussion. The  Prime Minister also instructed to present a detailed project on the  effective management of the company's real estate.